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An all-encompassing Security Guard Management System meticulously crafted for Security Services Providers.

It encompassing Duty Roster, Assignment Planning, Cost Analysis, Payroll Calculation, and Contract Management.

Over the last two decades, the SPIDER Security Guard Management System has proficiently overseen the day-to-day operations of more than 10,000 Security Guards.


The inception of the SPIDER Security Guard Management System traces back to the year 2000. The primary aim was to elevate operational standards, ensuring efficient guard duty roster management and accurate payroll processing to eliminate waste and overpayment, subsequently enhancing the Billage Ratio.

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Time has swiftly advanced, ushering us into the Post-Pandemic era, characterized by improved IT Resources across all aspects, including affordability. And now, after two decades, introducing SPIDER on the Windows platform.

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Introducing SPIDER in the Cloud - the need for data transfer from local to the Internet is now eliminated. This advancement eliminates constraints related to PC, server, hardware requirements, and OS licensing, as everything is seamlessly hosted in the cloud.

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about inetsion security sdn bhd

Established in 2002, iNetsion Technology Sdn Bhd originally began as an Information System Developer and Software Support Services Provider.

From its inception, iNetsion has been dedicated to delivering inventive, dependable, and easily maintainable Security Services Management Solutions.

iNetsion has successfully deployed a range of Security Management Solutions to prominent security service companies in Malaysia.

These solutions have not only benefitted the organization but also its clientele.

By further integrating our software solutions with security products, we've broadened our product offerings, providing comprehensive hardware solutions for SME customers.

In 2005, an opportunity arose for iNetsion to collaborate with a customer, delivering Remote Surveillance Security Solutions to a nationwide network of Radio Base Stations (RBS) for a Telecommunications Service Provider.

This led to the establishment of iNetsion Security Sdn Bhd, streamlining the group's focus on offering Security Products and Services to both residential and commercial customers.

The company aspires to amplify its reach by supplying security solutions across the nation under the iNetsion brand.

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the hybrid spider

We've crafted a front-end application for those keen on implementing mobile phone-based clock-in and clock-out functionality for their security guards.

Through this innovation, attendance data is seamlessly captured and seamlessly integrated into SPIDER. This eradicates the requirement for data entry at branch offices, enabling staff to conduct checks and corrections with utmost ease.


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our features

SPIDER offers comprehensive features, encompassing Payroll calculations for Advance, Month End, and Bonus. It seamlessly integrates with Time Attendance Data derived from data entry at operational branches, along with Time Attendance Devices strategically placed at clients' locations.

our features

We've recently introduced the convenience of mobile phone-based clock-in and clock-out for security guards. This enhancement allows for instant availability of Attendance Data for processing.

our features

1. Adaptable contract settings

2. Flexible shift allocations

3. Automated Overtime and Allowance calculations

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4. Robust Management Reporting Tools

5. Online access to daily guard attendance information

6. Streamlined administration through pre-planned MMR

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7. Guards are assigned exclusively to valid posts

8. Enhanced insight into available guard pool for deployment

9. In-depth understanding of individual guard activity and performance

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10. Overtime Calculation with 7.5hrs / 4.5hrs daily or above 195hrs monthly

11. No FOC assignment to Customers

12. Guard Offday or Public Holiday to be replaced the next day when come together


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